.smoke rings.

Piosenka: .smoke rings.
Album: Stomachaches


i never told you what i saw in the dark. i set fire to the person i was. i’m not built for love, i’m not good enough. i’m unappreciative of the air that i breathe. i’m unaware of the blood in my veins. i’ll keep on living, this world keeps on spinning, and you’ll keep on giving me shit til i choke. but at night we face what lies hidden in our hearts. the second hand gets louder and louder. i can’t stand that fucking smile on my face. i hate the sound of my voice when it shakes. the smoke will make your eyes your eyes bleed. you don’t know where i’ve been. you don’t want what i have. you can’t cure me. drugs can’t kill me. love won’t save me from myself.


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